Planning Ahead

20 02 2008

Not planning ahead can get expensive. This weekend we went on a ski trip with my family, and I didn’t adequately plan ahead. I assumed everything was taken care of (which it was for the most part), but I missed the opportunity to save my family at least $20 a day on lift tickets (we were already getting a good deal, but we could have gotten better via Craigslist or ebay). I also assumed that we would be staying in a cabin or condo on the slopes as we usually do.

Had I fully read the e-mails ahead of time I would have seen that we had to ride a shuttle from the house to the slopes, making it hard to go back to the place for lunch. Without realizing this I paid for lunch on the slopes… BAD IDEA. Not only did Mary and I have to hunt down a table (on a busy holiday weekend), I was price gouged by paying $31 for lunch for the two of us. That amount doesn’t sound too bad, but when we each got a cup of soup, a half a sandwich, and a vitamin water it’s pretty ridiculous. Needless to say, Mary and Stacy (my sister-in-law) got smart and decided to make lunch for day two on the slopes. I volunteered to wear a backpack all day, and we ended up having a great inexpensive lunch, even though it was a bit crushed as the backpack wrecked havoc on my balance in the terrain park.

I usually do plan ahead for things like this, but this time it all just snuck up on me. From now on I will be actively involved in planning trips and I will research before I go.




One response

25 02 2008

Planning ahead is everything. I’m great at planning for big items like buying furniture atc but i often fall into the same trap when it comes to breaks aways as well. i think i get so excited about the trip that i forget about all the everyday costs that will pile up, like lunch and addmission tickets etc. I’m doing my best now not to do it again and will look out for coupons etc before i go away again.

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