Me?…Top 10!!??

21 04 2008

I’ve been writing a blog for about 3 months now and am very pleased and surprised to have seen my readership grow exponentially.  All of this has occurred organically by my reading and participating on other bloggers websites, and the grace of google (although someone found the site by searching for “how to ask out a married woman” today…which is somewhat bothersome and comical.  I hope he learns to haggle). 

I’d like to think I’m a decent writer, I know some of my connections may be a stretch sometimes, and my ideas don’t always flow, but I try.  Some of my posts have been much bigger hits than others, but that’s the way it goes!  I’m just thankful that people have actually found me!

Eventually Ryan Paugh of Employee Evolution found the site and invited me to be a somewhat of a syndicated blogger at his new start-up Brazen Careerist, which he co-founded with Penelope Trunk (Author of Brazen Careerist, the book) and Ryan Healy, also from Employee Evolution.  So that is what the large B on the right is for.  Brazen Careerist is an awesome site with tons of Gen-Y Bloggers covering everything from life, to money, to careers.

Now I am honored to say that I have been listed as a top 10 Gen-Y Blog by people I have never met, nor do I have any connection.  Their goal was to include marketing related Gen-Y blogs, which I am not…but according to them:

“While you are not are a marketing blog, we both feel that you are sharing something unique with the millennials, and God knows our generation needs all the financial advice we can get.” 

Amen.  They are kind of harsh to Y&F on their website though, but I must admit, I’ve been in denial, I now must own up since someone actually wrote it…my site is ugly and is hard to read (not an issue if you are subscribed to an an RSS Feed or E-mail Feed).  I will be revamping my site in the relatively near future, so keep your fingers crossed.  And if anyone is good at that type of thing and would like to help please contact me (daniel [at] this website dot com).

Regardless, I am honored to have been included on the list, and I sincerely thank Jess Neill and Ryan Stephens for including me!

Also, if you feel so inclined, I’d appreciate a vote on their site!  Or if you like one of the other blogs there, feel free to vote for someone else, Employee Evolution is on their, and I almost voted for them, but I figured a little self promoting couldn’t hurt :).

2 Week Anniversary Update

9 02 2008

Young and Frugal is officially 2 weeks old today, and I haven’t provided an update, so here it goes in a very random and unorganized fashion… 

First off, I would also like to thank you for stopping by, it’s been two weeks, and I have had over 250 page views! OK, I really don’t know if that’s good or not, but celebrating this little milestone makes me feel good! I’ve also gotten a few nods on some websites from people who apparently like what they see, which is very exciting for me.

I have changed the tag-line to add business to the blog, because business is a passion of mine, and I don’t know how I could not incorporate it when writing about personal finance. Most of my business related posts will also be entrepreneurial to help keep it more interesting.

We haven’t earned any extra income that I spoke about in my first post.  But we have thrown around some great ideas that I know we will be pursuing.  I might give tutoring a whirl, and Mary and I are both going to get certified to be personal trainers, though she will make a much better one than I will.  (If anyone knows of any good personal training certification programs, please leave a note in the comments or send me an e-mail through the contact section.) 

I’ve also toyed with writing a business and personal finance column for a community newspaper, it’s something I think I’d be good at, they are my two passions, and I really enjoy writing, plus I could use it to promote Y&F. 

Another idea is my pet product that I want to develop a prototype of this weekend.  If it works for Lexi (our 2 year old Lab) I would love to see how far I can take that!  

Between writing posts, running, and working my day job, I have been able to stay very busy, which has proved to be a blessing to me.  Before I started the blog, and before I was running and working out 4+ times a week, in my spare time I would watch TV and surf (shop) the internet.  Now that I’m busy, I’d be willing to say I have definitely cut down my spending, and my mind doesn’t feel as numb!