My $500 Lesson

26 02 2008

As long as I can remember my parents always taught me to brush my teeth at least twice a day.  This is something I have done religiously for over the past ten years.  I brush my teeth as soon as I wake up, and it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed, it’s good habit and I have good teeth.  I pride myself for not having a cavity for over ten years, but I guess I got too cocky.

I went to the dentist for my six month cleaning today, after the usual small talk they updated my x-rays that hadn’t been updated in over two years.  Then the dental assistant walked in and asked “when was the last time you flossed?”  My response: “you did it” (ripped straight from an old Jeff Foxworthy joke).

Now, because of my lack of flossing, I have a small cavity forming between two of my teeth, which I didn’t even know was possible, and (not related to flossing) one of my old metal fillings needs to be replaced.  The cost?… Should be around $500 after insurance pays their third.

Until now, I always kind of laughed about flossing.  I floss after I eat popcorn, I never do it before bed or in the morning, but now is different.  Now it’s personal, I’m going to become a flossing machine.